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Image Plus Consultants "APEX Radiology" IPO Prospectus Released

Image Plus Consultancy Ltd "APEX Radiology" IPO
Image Plus Consultancy Ltd "APEX Radiology" IPO

Image Plus Consultants, a private medical imaging company that trades as APEX Radiology, announced the release of an Initial Public Offer (IPO) Prospectus. The invitation to the public is for a subscription of 247,889,936 new ordinary shares at a subscription price of J$2.00 per ordinary share.

With this announcement the company plans to raise capital of up to J$495,779,872.

If the offer is successful, the company will be listed on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) which has won awards from Bloomberg for being the No.1 Performing Exchange in the World.

Image Plus Consultants (Apex Radiology) is a private Medical Imaging Company providing services such as X-ray, Ultrasound, CT scan, Fluoroscopy and Nuclear Medicine.

The Company intends to use funds raised to strategically and sustainably grow the business by;

  1. acquiring property to be identified in Kingston which is suitable to relocate our largest operations, thereby ensuring control of our revenue and allowing for even further expansion of our offerings

  2. procuring suitable new bio-medical equipment to offer additional diagnostic modalities at our Ocho Rios location

  3. expand our offering of interventional procedures, maximizing on this fast growing area of diagnostic imaging

The invitation opens on December 28, 2022 and closes on January 11, 2023. Applications for the offer should be in increments of 100 shares with a minimum purchase of 5,000 shares. The Lead Broker is JMMB Securities Limited.

The company plans to pursue a dividend policy of up to 55% of net profits available for distribution for the first two (2) years after listing.

Interested parties should contact a Financial Advisor.

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Summary: Medical Imaging company in Jamaica, Image Plus Consultants Limited, announced the release of an Initial Public Offer (IPO) Prospectus.

Image Plus Consultants Ltd



Minimum Shares


Share Increments


Registered Office



JSE Junior Market


The aim of the company is to raise funds to acquire property, procure new equipment and expand their diagnostic imaging offerings


December 28 - January 11, 2023

Lead Broker

JMMB Securities

Dividend Policy

The company will adopt a dividend policy to pay-out up to 55% of distributable profits for the first two (2) years after listing on a semi- annual basis


Operations – Medical Imaging

Capital Raise of up to J$495,779,872

Approx. 65M (Reserved Shares) and 183M (Non-Reserved Shares) on a first come first served basis.



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